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Cards & Accounts Engage Prepaid Card

Engage Prepaid Debit Card

Get a pay-as-you-go contactless card that lets you pay your bills, control what you spend, and avoid high bank fees.

How it works

If you’re a member of Boom! and are 18 or over you can apply for the Engage pre-paid Visa debit card account. It’s an ethical account with no overdraft and low fees that’s only available to credit union members.

You choose how much money to load onto the card, and can then use it in most places you can use a debit card. You can use your prepaid Visa card to pay in shops, online, to get cash back, or to draw cash from a cash machine. It’s also free to pay bills online or over the phone.

You can load your card and access your account online, over the phone or by using the Engage mobile app.

Why get one?

  • It’s free to apply
  • Free to use in shops, online or for cashback in the UK
  • You get cashback when you use it to pay in many shops, and can get over 1,600 discounts and vouchers to use online.
  • A free mobile app with a virtual envelope feature that helps you manage your money and stick to your budget

What it costs

  • 50p to load it
  • 75p to withdraw money from a UK cash machine
  • £2 per month fee

How to get your card

You need to be a member of a credit union and be over 18 to apply for an Engage prepaid debit card. If you’re not a member, find out more about how to join us.

If you’re already a member of Boom! download and print off the application form below or complete one in our offices. Bring the form in to us, along with proof of ID. There are no credit checks involved.

Click to DownloadDownload Engage Prepaid Debit Card Application Form (121.8kb)

You will receive your card in the post within 10 working days.

Activating your card and getting your PIN

Before you start using your Engage prepaid card you will need to activate it and retrieve your PIN. You can do this by going onto your online account or by telephoning 0333 202 3642 (option 2). You will need your 8-digit account number, 16-digit card number, username and password handy.

Loading your prepaid card

We can arrange for a certain amount of money to be loaded onto your prepaid card from your Boom! savings account each month. To contact us about this you can either:

  • Call 01903 237221
  • Email
  • Come into our offices.

You can also use the card’s account number and sort code to pay into it directly from another UK bank account.

You can load between £10 and £5,000 onto your card at one time. There’s a 50p charge every time you load the card.

You can also pay in cash at a PayPoint. The charge for this is 50p + 2.5% of the amount your pay in.

Fees and charges

  • Free to apply
  • £2 per month fee
  • 50p to load it online or via your credit union
  • Free to use in shops, online or for cashback in the UK
  • 75p to withdraw money from a UK cash machine
  • 1% of the transaction amount for purchases or withdrawals outside the UK.

What rewards can I get by using this card?

Go to the Engage website to find out more about the rewards and discounts you are eligible for through Engage.

Where can I get the Engage app?

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